spitting at the rain

Standing on the front stoop Seething at the rain  Daily meditations on isolation Flowing through my brain As rivers of pain drip down my face And i would bleed for you tonight Wouldn’t need to find a reason A treason echoes through It beckons me in pantomime And sometimes sideways is really upside down And … Continue reading spitting at the rain


Hold on to your heart my sweet Nicole Look to the future And let the past grow old Let your light shine through this broken world And know that sweet girl you are divine A beauty that tames the savage beast Quenched a hunger on a well that ran too deep Wounded by the war … Continue reading divine

Market Street

Market Street Bloopers in blue uniforms Flat tops and red noses Pontificate from soapboxes To cantankerous clowns inciting protest Bar brawling streets ignite a haversack generation Of tattooes and hypocrites That feast on double shots and cigarettes Trying to control the uncontrollable Nowhere man struts alone through Jonestown Tripping over his tongue While smoking his … Continue reading Market Street


I swim the staggering waters of excess Tread pathways of vacuous intent I lean into the winds of my desires Dance through the consciousness of the Sages of old Through the raging of sacred notes That comprise the hallowed music of time Forever in motion  Moving this way and that For to move is to … Continue reading UNDONE